Dating A Resident (Part 3 of 5)

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

In my recent posts  (Part 1 and Part 2), I shared some experiences, challenges and tests in our relationship due to him being a resident and me being a med student, and how we cope with it. I shared about him being always sleep deprived and being busy. Therefore, it is important to let him sleep and be flexible with scheduled plans. This time, I shall talk about one effective way to not become frustrated whenever he’s busy or sleeping.

#3 Be Productive

It is important to be productive, while he is super busy with residency. I always remind myself that I must never forget that I have my own world and life and dreams to take care of. I need to work hard for my own dreams (and career), while he is working hard for his goals. The happy part there is that our future plans and dreams are now intertwined! I feel like we have good teamwork this way.

Also, petty as it may sound, I like the feeling of being as tired as him. Hahaha! I make sure that I am as busy as he is. It makes me feel that we are both being very productive.

We do our best to work together – help and support each other. Sometimes, I write letters for him (secretary duties). Ah! I’m referring to letters for work ha, not love letters. Haha. And other times, he teaches or quizzes me about my lessons (teacher duties).

Aside from his residency and my studies, we are also both working as licensed financial advisors in the number 1 company in the life insurance industry, Philam Life.

(photo from last 2016.10.16 at our Philam Life office)

It is also very important to learn to enjoy (and not forget about) “me-time”, family time and time with other friends and time for other activities. These are some ways of being busy and productive during times when he is on duty.

(photo wih Lasallian String Society in our med school)

I still have more to say. Wait for Part 4, okay?


Kristine G. Veneracion

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