Dating A Resident (Part 4 of 5)

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Praised be Jesus and Mary!

In my recent posts (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3), I shared some experiences, challenges and tests in our relationship due to him being a resident and me being a med student, and how we cope with it. I shared about him being always sleep deprived and being busy. Therefore, it is important to let him sleep and be flexible with scheduled plans. I also talked about one effective way to not become frustrated whenever he’s busy or sleeping – that is to become busy and productive myself. Today, we shall talk about FOOD!

(photo from when I first baked chocolate and banana oatmeal cookies for him. He looks happy, right?)

#5 Feed him.

Sometimes, he gets busy… so busy that he could not even go down to the canteen to buy food. 😥 Or, he probably finally has time to eat, but then he’s too tired, so he would rather sleep.

It is very ironic that doctors who takes care of their patients’ health sacrifice their own health to fulfill their duties. 😥

So, how do you date and take care of a hungry, sleep-deprived resident doctor? Didn’t our grandparents tell us: “Filling his tummy is the key to a man’s heart.” So, cook for him. Help him buy food. Deliver food to him (give it to him directly or leave it at his office). Whatever… just make sure you FEED HIM.

(Adobo and egg enough for 10 people for his first duty. Haha! Since it’s his first duty, I thought it would be nice if he could share food with his colleagues.)

Do not be surprised if he couldn’t eat it immediately. He would definitely eat it once he could. Also, I noticed that he is happier and more appreciative when it’s homemade food. 🙂

Do not expect prompt reply when you deliver the food. If he’s late, consider it normal. 🙂

One time, I prepared something small for him and decided to deliver it at midnight. He was too busy/toxic with nonstop admissions and there’s no one in the office. It was sad. I went to the canteen to eat it before going home. It was sad, but it can’t be helped. He didn’t mean to not accept the gift.

(he did not even see my effort in packing this, haha.)

Another time, I could feel that he was too tired (and probably sad) that night. So, even though I knew he already had his dinner, I bought his favorite french fries and delivered it to the hospital. Once I reached the lobby, I asked him whether or not he could meet for a short while to receive it. Initially, he said he couldn’t, but when I told him it’s McD french fries, he replied, “I want that.” He asked if I could wait a little longer.  No problem. Finally, he told me that he’s on his way….and then a new message came in saying another patient went toxic and he had to urgently attend to him first. Half an hour later, he went down the lobby, received the french fries, and immediately went back to work.

But, one thing is for sure. He appreciates food very much. He appreciates homecooked food even more. And, appreciates the effort the most.

(i got this photo collage from his Facebook. ^^ )

There are mooooorrrreeee stories and more tips to share, but I shall write just one more blog post (Part 5) to end this series. See ya!


Kristine G. Veneracion

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