Dating A Resident (Part 5 of 5)

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

It can be difficult to date a resident doctor. It can become an emotional roller coaster, especially for people like me who craves for time and attention. I need to constantly remind myself that I want to love him unconditionally.

Here are some ways and tips in dating a resident doctor:

#1 – Let him sleep

#2 – Be flexible

#3 – Be productive

#4 – Feed him

#5 – Pray together

That’s right. Today, I want to talk about the most important thing a couple will ever do together – pray.

Life will present many tests and obstacles, but we cannot overcome those on our own. We need a third person. We need Jesus to be in the center of our relationship.

Without faith in God, we could have been defeated by stress, selfishness, impatience, jealousy, anger and… I just couldn’t imagine true love without God. 🙂 With God’s intervention, we are always reminded to love and care for each other unconditionally.

My beloved and I always do our best to intertwine not just our plans and dreams but also our prayer lives.

I found this in the internet long time ago, and we have been reciting this along with our personal prayers:

Dear God,

Thank you for the privilege of love, intimacy and friendship.

We come before you and ask that you would be with us in our relationship.

Help us to know each other more, to understand one another deeply and learn how to support and care for each other.

Come weave a beautiful tapestry of worship and praise into our growing love.

Fill our hearts and minds with your dreams and fill us with excitement about the future.

We seek to reflect you in our relationship, to reveal you to our friends and family and to honour you with our minds and words.

Lord, thank you for bringing us together.


We also pray the Holy Rosary together and ask for Mama Mary’s intercession. We have been doing that even before we started dating. I believe that it has served as a strong foundation of our love.
Actually, I have been praying for him even before I met him. 🙂 To me, he is God-sent. He feels the same way. ❤

We also ask for intercession from Saints Zélie and Louis Martin, parents of St. Therése of the Child Jesus. We find their lives really inspiring and their family really beautiful and holy. 🙂 We ask them to pray for us to Jesus to make our relationship strong, beautiful and holy. 🙂

(This photo was from last February, 2017 when we attended Mass at the National Shrine of St. Therése and happened to find the relics of St. Zélie and St. Louis.)

Our relationship cannot be summarized in a series of 5 blog posts. There many other tests and challenges. There are many other arguments and misunderstandings. But, thanks be to God, we always find reconciliation and resolutions. I believe that our love will never be defeated because we have Jesus Christ at its center.

Sincerely blessed and thankful,

Kristine G. Veneracion

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