[Testimonial] Medical Reimbursement

My personal testimony:

I spent P13,297.39 for antirabies vaccines, but I was able to reimburse P74,259.91. 

A cat bit and scratched my leg when I accidentally stepped on it while alighting our car. I ended up spending a total of P13,297.39 for antirabies vaccines.

BUT! Out of my 13 life insurance policies with Philam Life, I have 6 policies with Medical Reimbursement (MR) Riders for medical expenses due to accidents. Instant multiplier! Thus, I was able to get a reimbursement amounting to P74,259.91. 

Matagal nang ready yung cheques; sobrang bilis naprocess. Ngayon ko lang nakuha kasi ngayon lang ako nagkatime. Pwede sana ang bank transfer sa claims kaso gusto kong magpicture hawak ang mga cheke kaya pumunta ako sa office para kuhanin personally. Hahaha! Sayang nga akala ko noong una may MR lahat ng 13 policies. Hahaha! Pero sobrang okay lang. I am very thankful na nang sobra! Praise God!

Life is unforeseeable. Will we live too long? Die to soon? Become sick or disabled? Meet a minor or major accidents? Unexpected expenses can hit hard if we are not prepared. I always emphasize this to my clients.

The best time to prepare is NOW when we don’t need it. We don’t want to wait for rainy days before we fix our roofs. 🙂

P.S. Thank you, Mommy, Daddy & Tita, for teaching me how to be well-prepared.

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